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They said about us in 2017

Congratulations on the success of your conference. This was a well organised and well attended meeting.
I am grateful to you for all your hospitality.
Berlina is indeed an impressive conference organiser group. I hope we will have future links and possible joint working in coming years.

Dr Afzal Javed

I contacted Berlina in May 2017 to help us organise the 11th International Veterinary Behaviour Meeting following difficulties with the previous organisation. Although the timeframe was extremely short, With three months to the meeting, the rest of the team transformed my ideas and wishes to reality. This was amazing. The meeting ended being a huge success in all aspects. The venue, the hospitality, the audio-visual equipment, accommodation were excellent. Moreover, the communication and individual help to each our international delegates were superb.

In our post congress feedback, an overwhelming majority of our delegates have given Berlina excellent scores for the organisation, communication, and support. What looked like a possible disaster, ended a huge success, I have to thank Berlina for this. I would certainly recommend them to colleagues, and sure to use them again in the future.

Dr Sagi Denenberg DVM, MRCVS
Chair of the 11th International Veterinary Behaviour Meeting
University of Bristol

TOP of the year 2017 for Berlina company.

Marketing and communication

We created 35 marketing materials for pharmaceutical companies.
We created 3 communication campaigns for wide public.

We created 6 communication strategies for pharma industry.
We created and realized 2 Slovak marketing researches.

Congress event management

We organized 2 international events.
We organized professional event for 29 countries of the world.
We organized 9 Slovak professional events.
We made the registration for professional events in digital way.
We digitally registered more than 1500 professionals
in the field of psychiatry, neurology and veterinary medicine.


We trained more than 35 people in the field of pharmaceutical industry.
We created the new concept of education.

Web sites and creativity

We designed 15 web sites for wide professional public.
We designed 15 new visualizations.
We designed 10 new company logos.

Our thankfulness belongs to all of you who trusted in us in the year 2017. Yours sincerely, Berlina.